Regulations & legislation

Investment Law The privileges of the Jordan Investment commission has been strengthened by the approval of Investment Law No. (30) of 2014, which enabled the commission to be the only government agency that is responsible for attracting investments and supporting exports and providing a safe and stable investment environment. The law gives Jordan Investment commission the required privileges to find and accelerate the centralization of all investment related procedures, including the establishment and organization of special economic development zones.
The Investment Law includes:

Develop a framework of incentives and benefits available for investors and investment projects both inside and outside the existing development areas or free zones, except for Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

Finding an investment window that works within the Jordan Investment commission . This window includes "authorized representatives" from the relevant licensing authorities, who have the authority to issue licenses within specified time frames.

The formation of the Investment Council, which is headed by the Prime Minister and includes representatives from the public and private sectors. The Investment Board oversees the work of the Jordan Investment commission and serves as the main adviser to the Prime Ministers of Jordan with regard to national legislation, strategies, policies on investment, exports and the business environment on a wider scale.

Investment Law