Reinforcing trust in the investment enviroment by providing data, information and facilities.

Contributing to empowering local and foregin investments and motivating them by following up on them and overcoming issues and obstacles they might encounter, and by providing the support needed to sustain them.

Reducing the needed time to register or license investment projects, and identifying in advance all the implementation procedures that are to be followed by the investor.

Adopting investment projects' establishment procedures starting from the pre-license and pre-registration phase up to the phase of obtaining all the necessary approvals.

Registration and licensing investment projects.

Registration of economic activities according to the companies Act.

Labor affairs' services including issuing work permits and approving on enrolling non-Jordanian workers in the economic activites included in the window services.

Provide advise on visas and residency permits to investors and workers enrolled in the economic services included in the window services.

Provide advise on enviromental approvals and permits for the economic activities included in the window services.

Providing investors with information and technical consulting regarding the economic activities